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Mental Illness is everywhere even if people want to ignore it, it's starts with healthcare people!

It's amazes me the things that people are willing to put their time and energy into, yet when it's something that is as important as mental health everyone turns away from it, why is this? Is it because it's a problem that actually requires work for change to happen? Is it the cost to society? Is the stigmatism associated with mental illness? Regardless of the reasonings I can tell you mental illness is everywhere! It haunts every household in America REGARDLESS of what anyone says. Just because it's ignored does not mean it is not happening! I feel like people just keep dying and everyone is so shocked and saddened by it yet no one does anything to change it...have you ever lost a friend to mental illness? Maybe you didn't realize it was mental illness, but I can assure you the signs were there. Unfortunately life is crazy and often times people suffering seclude themselves because they think it's safer. We have to provide services for these people to be able to get the help they need without the "look." For me this starts with healthcare. Healthcare professionals deal with a tremendous amount of stress day in and day out. What are these stresses...death, short staffed, revolving door for staff, work environments, administration. Yes I said it...administration, cause Lord knows no one else wants to speak it. Why do I say administration? Because when you can sit down stairs and watch your floor staff fall apart and continue to laugh, throw parties, and write them up for minute things you are part of the problem! Until we all see this and want a change we will continue to work and suffer the way that we do right now, and we will continue to lose loved ones because no one stopped to hear their cry! Lets make this issue viral guys, let get this to someone who desperately needs someone or something in their life to keep going. Let them know they are NOT ALONE!

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Leanne Van Lare
Leanne Van Lare
23. 6. 2022

Yes that is 100% correct! The leaders are so very important. Often times leaders sit in the background hoping for the best but forgetting that they have the ability to change it. It's difficult because it has such an effect on employees, a leaders lack of support and direction. This is where I believe burnout comes into play.

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Administration sets the tone for the entire facility! If the administration doesn't care, the employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Where's the love??

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