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I think as an employer it is important to remember what your staff does each and every day. I find this to not only be humbling but an opportunity for growth. It's easy to say we don't have time, because let's face it, anyone who owns a business knows that it's a 24/7 commitment. However we make time for what we believe is important. To me understanding and seeing what my employees go through is not only important for them but for myself as a leader. I chose this weekend to go and work one of my buildings that I staff so that I can be humbled and remember what its like to deal with the struggles they are faced with daily. This allows me to remember what it was like when I was working the floors as an LPN. The trials and tribulations...the calls for help that no one seems to hear. I believe that the environments these employees are working in contributes to burnout which ultimately impacts their mental health. How can I as an employer truly understand their struggles if I'm not in the trenches with them? The answer to that is can't. This is the biggest reason (in my opinion) why administration struggles with retaining staff. Until you humble yourself and feel what your staff feel, you will never truly understand their struggles. Locking yourself in an office, refusing to help because it's not in your job description, and or you didn't learn it in school is not the way to retain staff. It's actually a sure way to lose them. Sure you'll get the ones who will stay because of convenience but the staff that you desire, that can hold your facility down...employees with strong moral, those staff will quickly exit your building in search of where they are valued. You see once you understand what you bring to the table, money isn't the most important factor anymore...someone can pay me 50 an hour and if I feel unappreciated, I'm not going back. However someone else could pay me 40 an hour and appreciate me, and I'll go above and beyond showing them I was the best woman for the job! If you find yourself in a situation where you are not appreciated at your job, look around and ask yourself where are your leaders? If you can't find yourself a favor and find a place that values you. You'll know this through their actions! This will bring that joy back you use to have when you first started your career. Do you remember that? That feeling of "I'm going to change the world?" Do yourself justice and seek just that...sometimes it's not always about money or your comfort zone, sometimes its just simply about you. Remember your health is on the line...stress is the silent killer.

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