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Tamera Innocent, CNA 

I love working for WeStandStrong Staffing because Leanne is a very understanding and helpful person who understands that life happens sometimes she works with you and she’s a honest women and her company matches that.



Jamie Hill, CNA

Working at WeStandStrong Staffing has been an incredible experience that brings appreciation back to being a part of a team that has the like-minded goal of providing quality care together. Having an environment that makes you feel appreciated and needed makes it all the better.


Mikayla Sheffield, CNA 

I love WeStandStrong Staffing because you couldn't ask for a better crew to back you up. They genuinely want what's best for you.


Ashley Stevenson, CNA/student RN 

I love working for WeStandStrong, because it’s more like a family/team, and we are respected and cared about. It works great for me with the flexibility while I continue my education.



Lindsay, LPN

As a WeStandStrong employee, I am able to find the perfect balance between my work schedule and home schedule. They offer great benefits and competitive wages. Leanne is an amazing CEO, with a huge heart.

I am very satisfied with my experience thus far.


Kendra Jones, CNA

Working for "WeStandStrong Staffing" is like being part of one big family. Having administration and co-workers notice and acknowledge your hard work in your career is great! Great company to work for! Recommend 10/10



Cheryl Yeoman, CNA 

I enjoy working for WeStandStrong because I get to choose my own hours so that way I can spend time with family and friends, co-workers are great friendly people. Pay is awesome! Management is the best!


Evelyn Heidrick, CNA 

I like working with WeStandStrong Staffing because I like to give back and help people and with this agency the staff is like a family they care about their staff members and they care and want the best for each person! 



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