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Negativity is contagious

Do you ever wonder why you feel so drained? Have you ever taken a moment and looked around you? Who do you hang out with? Who do you work with? Often times we find ourselves in a bad position simply because of the people we choose to befriend and or hang around. Have you ever walked into work and or your house and anywhere for that matter with a huge smile and your heart glowing? You are so ready to start the day and make it your b****! Then you get around someone who radiates instantly feel that glow exit your body while you listen to all of their problems (many of which are solvable with a simple solution yet they do nothing to change it). I've learned that at that moment I need to start looking for an exit. It's ok to listen to someone who is struggling. However when it begins to take a toll on you and they continue to participate in the same thing that is causing them issues, your job is to RUN! You can't change someone until they are ready to change...this starts with accountability. This is something most people do not want to be told (I can promise you this, because anyone who knows me knows that if you seek the truth, you will get it from me; I don't sugar coat- however I expect the same thing in return). You might be asking why are we discussing this...well I can tell you while working the floors as a nurse you come a crossed a whole lot of negativity. I remember sitting and listening to the staff talk about someone and then here they come walking down the hall and they are everyone's best friend...yeah biggest reason I do not fit in; gossip. The list of negativity at work could go on and on. I've learned that much of our stress stems from being around these types of things. This is where I believe boundaries come in. We have to set those boundaries for the people around us to ensure that we are protecting ourselves. This is not selfish behavior, this is wisdom. Another example of a stress at work is when a nurse walks in to start their shift and are told that instead of having 1 floor they will have 2. It's easy to take the 2nd set of keys and grip and complain the whole time that it's not fair OR you can just set a boundary and refuse due to the safety of the residents. You would be surprised at how many people take the keys and just accept it as normal. I chose to not do this and refuse, many times people would be upset saying it wasn't fair. What isn't fair, me protecting myself, my residents, and my license? No we all know that we can not adequately care for 50-80 patients. Why do we feel that we have to? Because we time you are at work or anywhere you find yourself feeling stress, ask yourself...have you set boundaries? There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself, no one else will if you don't!

Healthcare is already hard DON'T let them make it harder for you!

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