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Feelings----The Choice is Yours!

All of a sudden you are sitting some where and you get this feeling down deep in the pit of your're' not sure why you feel this way, you are with your family and friend. There is really no reason you should feel like this around the people that know you best! But you do, you feel sick, you feel worthless, the feeling becomes overwhelming so you decide it best to go off into your own secluded area. Why do we feel like this? Better yet, why don't we discuss this with the people around us that know us best? Is it fear...fear that they will judge us because they don't understand. The constant fear of being trapped and or feeling like you are trapped is debilitating and certainly impacts our lives daily. Do you ever feel like this? I know I certainly do...I've learned through the years to control it better, but it still impacts my life if I allow it to. What I had to first tell myself was that how I was feeling was not based on something I did wrong! My feelings were normal because throughout our lives we all face challenges. These challenges may seem small to some and or even overwhelming to many, but they are still our challenges. It's these challenges that mold us into the person we are today! We have a choice to use those challenges to create ourselves or we can allow them to fester and become what societies deems us to become. I don't know about you, but we only live once, don't you want to live your BEST life? Today if you are reading this I want you to instead start your day with "I am strong because I've made it through the storm, there is no storm bigger than the storm I just overcame!" This isn't going to change your life tomorrow....but it is going to give you a better vision on where you are going. You don't need to let those feelings of dismay hold you down, trap you, and or lie to you about who you are meant to be! Be stronger than the feelings within you and stop letting society conform you into a subculture you do not belong in!! The choice is your...

I hold a mental health gathering every Wednesday to allow people the opportunity to talk about the week's struggles. This is not counseling but rather support group for people struggling with mental health and or any other issue that they are challenged by. If you would like to participate in this meeting each week please reach out to me so I can send you the link needed to join.

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