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Anxiety, only you have the power!

Anxiety disorders is the most common mental health disorder in America and impacts approximately 40 million adults 18 and older (Davis Behavioral Health, 2022). WOW, that's a lot of people if you ask me! However, even though this is a huge number it's not surprising. Of course anxiety is one of the biggest struggles facing us these days! I'd be rather surprised if after COVID everyone doesn't have some type of anxiety disorder and or PTSD. Let's face it, secluding social creatures for 1-2 years inside their homes has to have had some type of lasting effect! I believe this is a major reason why people are struggling so much to return back to what we considered the social norm 2-3 years ago. I also believe this is exactly what our government wanted. They knew that by secluding people it would weaken us as a nation...I'll leave it at that. What they lacked to realize is that during the Great Depression people survived because they leaned on each other, not the government but each other! We have the ability to do this as well, if we unite. The only way we can unite is if we get these conditions such as anxiety under control. These disorders hinder our growth, however we have the ability to overcome them. Now I'm not going to sit here and say it's easy because anyone who struggles with anxiety can tell you it's paralyzing at times. I know this because I struggle with anxiety as well! The difference is that I refuse to allow it to control my life. We can only live this life one time...I choose to live it to the best of my abilities and NO one is going to take that away from me, not even anxiety! I pray today that you realize the power you have within yourself! Take a moment to stop and realize that today you can make the change needed to impact your life positively! The choice starts with you!

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