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You can't help something you don't understand

Mental health starts with least that is my opinion. I say this because if you don't understand something...then how can you help come up with the solution to the problem? To often people try to help people based off what they learned in a book. Listen, I'm not knocking schooling because lets face it, it gives you the direction you need to "start in your field of choice" however it does NOT end there! This is where I think the world gets lost in the sauce. As healthcare professionals we get to participate in the recovery of so many different things! Knee replacements all the way to recovery from substance abuse! This is HUGE guys, this means that we have the knowledge AND hands on experience to help people! You can't get this kind of training from a book...a book does not make you empathize with someone else's situation. As healthcare professionals we witness a lot of everyday struggles (financial hardships, lack of family/friend support, drug addictions, physical alignments, and the list goes on). This means that we can connect with people on a different level then most people are capable of IF WE CHOOSE TO! The key is wanting to be part of the change...yeah it will take up some of your time BUT the rewards far out way the time lost helping someone in need. Lets face it...with the way life is these days, this may one day hit closer to home then you would like, wouldn't you want to know that there are places for your loved one to go and get support?

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