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Conformity in our society

What is conformity? Conformity is the act of changing your behaviors in order to fit in or go along with the people around you (Verywellmind, 2022). Conformity has become so natural in our society that it ends up causing us to accept inappropriate behavior without questioning on whether or not it's acceptable. Society has conformed to what they believe mental health is and how it impacts our society; most are opinions from an inexperienced individual. This is why mental health continues to be a nationwide problem and will continue to be! Until people choose to stand up for the facts of mental illness, rather then opinions nothing will change. Individuals with mental illness often are deprived the services needed to obtain the tools that are required to manage their health. I've yet to figure out why this is, my only thoughts are fear. Fear of society to realize that all of us suffer from some form of mental illness (lets face it, can you really be completely sane to live in todays world?) Why do we think there is something wrong with us if we struggle mentally; especially faced with the worlds challenges these days? Conformity...that is why, society has made us believe that it's not normal to have these struggles. That if you struggle with mental illness you are set apart from society because your are not a part of the culture "normal". I'm not sure about you, but I've met some people in my lifetime that identified at "normal" and let me just say, I'm pretty glad I'm not. I embrace the challenges that I've faced in my lifetime! Those obstacles, those challenges are what made me who I am! Society tried to tell me that I wasn't normal, that because of how I grew up that it was statistics that determine my outcome. NONSENSE, I am exactly where I'm suppose to be and the things I experienced didn't break me but rather shaped me! Don't let society tell you that because you battle with your mind, that your are not normal. Don't conform to thinking that their is something wrong with you! The only thing wrong with you, is that you aren't using the skills that you've obtained through out your life to enhance someone else's!!

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